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a full service

Winery Management & Development Company

Proven Solutions for Wineries and Restaurants

Our Mission

At Temecula Valley Winery Management, we partner with our clients to deliver QUALITY and VALUE through our expertise and proven solutions in winery and restaurant development, consulting and management.

About Us

Temecula Valley Winery Management (TVWM) is a full service winery management and development company. Through years of industry experience, TVWM has developed best practices in winery management and viticulture that give clients a tremendous advantage over winery competitors. We aim to be our clients’ biggest asset and truly take ownership of each individual project.

TVWM is the largest producer of wine in the valley. We crush over 1,333 tons (200,000+ gallons) of wine grapes each year on average and manage over 6,000 barrels that are work in progress. This is a culmination of winemaking service we provide to 35-40 clients within the Temecula Valley wine region. 

Our Services

Completed Projects

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Temecula, CA

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Avensole Winery

Temecula, CA

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Temecula, CA

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Temecula, CA

Leadership Team

We truly believe that our people are our greatest asset and that good character, a high level of competency and a sincere respect among our management and employee groups are vital to the success of building a world class brand and winery.

Rebaux Steyn


CEO - FLC Family of Companies; 20 Years Executive Management Agriculture Development & Winery Operations

Randy Nicola

Randy Nicola

COO - FLC Family of Companies; 27 Years Executive Management, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics

Tim Kramer


Director of Winemaking

Harjeet Bassi

Harjeet Bassi

Director of Agriculture

Spencer Szczygiel

Spencer Szczygiel

Executive Director

David Perry

David Perry

CFO - FLC Family of Companies; 38 Years Executive Management & Finance

Temecula Valley Winery Management

27495 Diaz Road
Temecula, CA 92590

Tel: (951) 699 8896
Fax: (951) 699 8892 

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TVWM is part of the FLC Family of Companies

TVWM is part of the FLC Family of Companies