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let's start at the beginning…

Temecula Valley Winery Management (TVWM) is a full service winery management and development company. Through years of industry experience TVWM has developed best practices in winery management and viticulture that give clients a tremendous advantage over winery competitors. We aim to be our client's biggest asset and truly take ownership of each individual project.

TVWM was formed as a coalition of companies which originated with our parent company Stage Ranch Farm Management, Inc. Stage Ranch was founded in 1972 by Gary Winder and was joined by Mike Rennie in the early 1990's. Stage Ranch gained a reputation for being a high quality farming operation and prides itself on its ability to meet a wide variety of property owner's demands. It is currently one of the largest farming operators in Temecula and farms approximately 1,500 acres of wine grapes, avocado and citrus, all located within a 50 mile radius of the Temecula Valley Wine Country.

Stage Ranch is a vital part of TVWM's ongoing vineyard development and viticulture program, as they are the exclusive provider of TVWM's farming services. The viticulture practices used are state of the art and have yielded a large portion of Temecula's most highly acclaimed wines, including several 90+ point red wine scores with major wine trade publications such as Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

After the success of its first winery development project, Leoness Cellars, TVWM's Management Team further developed standards for the construction, development, branding and operations of future winery projects.

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ok – so what do we offer?

Planning and Project Development

This element is vital to the success of a project and requires the ownership and management team to go through a series of planning exercises developed by TVWM to best establish its financial and operational goals. Rigid, county imposed development standards, inflated costs and other factors can cause a project harm from the outset. Managing the development cost to not exceed the properties revenue potential is vital. A "boots on the ground" approach and heavy involvement on the county level has led to us managing this successfully.

  • Business development planning
  • Financial planning during both the construction and operational phases
  • Assist in the evaluation of redeveloping an existing winery or assess the feasibility of new winery construction
  • Managing the entitlement and construction of a winery project
  • Vineyard planting and development
  • Construction and development management
  • Acquisition
  • Lender Advisory

Professional Wine Services

Your direct involvement in the wine making processes is vital to the success of your product. We assist and support you in making informed winemaking and winery related decisions. TVWM's wine production program and planning process is a highly customizable and flexible program to suit the wineries specific needs. The custom crush program and winemaking consulting program run by TVWM has yielded countless international awards and high ratings setting a benchmark for quality in Temecula.

  • Winemaking consultations
  • Wine compliance expertise
  • Winemaking Lab
  • 30,000 SQ FT. wine production facility
  • Inventory development and management
  • Temperature-controlled refrigerated wine warehouse
  • Case goods and wine barrel storage


As part of our history in the winery business, we have "come to see it all." A steady, well planned and smart approach to all efforts leads to a high yield, successful winery operation. Setting clear expectations and goals for on property staff and being diligent in evaluating performance and making necessary adjustments is a routine that we build into our winery culture.

Ownership can have the confidence that the decisions being made by management are made based on vast experience. Measured results can be compared to other client properties anonymously and are a valuable tool to gauge the wineries performance.

Translating ownerships expectations to employees and investors or managing business relationships within the winery's operating level have become TVWM's specialty. As part of this process we have navigated ownership through several rounds of funding (conventional funding and investment) in the last 5 years totaling $18,000,000. Additionally TVWM has placed some of the industry's best talent at our client winery sites, individuals who truly fit the character and culture of our ownership.

  • Daily operations and management
  • Vineyard and farm management
  • Wine Club development and fulfillment
  • Buying and merchandise management
  • Human Resources and payroll
  • Staff training and development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Wine marketing support and creative services
  • Restaurant, catering and food and beverage advisory

Completed Projects


Temecula, CA

Thompson & Twain Prospecting Co.

Temecula, CA

Leoness Cellars

Temecula, CA

Avensole Winery

Temecula, CA

let's meet the team

We truly believe that our people are our greatest asset and that good character, a high level of competency and a sincere respect among our management and employee groups are vital to the success of building a world class brand and winery.
The following is a summary of the people who make up our organization:

Rebaux Steyn

Temecula Valley Winery Management – CEO, Co-Owner

After graduating with a degree in systems engineering in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Rebaux relocated to the United States. He became involved in the family business in 2002, starting with the development of Leoness Cellars. Together with Mike Rennie and Tim Kramer, they constructed the Leoness infrastructure, including branding, operations and best practices all the while securing and developing the financials.

During the process of developing Leoness Cellars and with its immediate success came requests from prospective winery developers to consult on their product development and winery management.

To accommodate this change in business Rebaux founded Temecula Valley Winery Management (TVWM). TVWM has become a driver of new winery and product development in the Temecula Valley. Rebaux's primary focus is currently on the daily operations of TVWM and the development of new winery projects in the Southern California region.

Tim Kramer

Temecula Valley Winery Management – Director Winemaking, Co-Owner

After graduating from CSUSB with a degree in finance, Tim quickly decided to get involved in the wine industry. His passion led him to work under some of the best winemakers in Southern California, including Jon McPherson (former Winemaker for Thornton Winery) and the winemaking team at Callaway Winery. Tim was instrumental in the development of the Leoness Cellars brand, and in 2008, he co-founded Temecula Valley Winery Management.

It did not take long for Tim's winemaking talent to leave a big mark on the Temecula Region. In the last 10 years, Tim has received dozens of 90+ Point scores on wines produced for Leoness Cellars and other TVWM clients, making him the only winemaker in Temecula history to have received as many. (Ratings received from Wine Enthusiast Magazine and Connoisseurs Guide of California.) He and his winemaking team have also won numerous Gold, Double Gold and "Best in Class" awards from national and international competitions, including the San Francisco International Wine Competition. One of Tim's crowning achievements was being named Inland Empire's "Winemaker of the Year” in 2011.

Gary Winder

Stage Ranch – CEO, Co-Owner

Leoness Cellars – CEO, Co-Owner

TVWM – Co-Owner

Gary founded Stage Ranch Farm Management in 1972 after having graduated from California Polytechnic University. He has since built Stage Ranch into one of the largest avocado, citrus and vineyard management companies in Temecula and has gained a reputation for excellent farm management practices and quality wine production.

Gary is a seasoned businessman with a long history of farming making him invaluable to the management group. His sterling reputation and character have made him a pillar to our family of companies and a driving force in our success.

Mike Rennie

Stage Ranch – CFO, Co-Owner

Leoness Cellars – CFO, Co-Owner

TVWM – Co-Owner

Mike joined Stage Ranch Farm Management in 1990 and created the vineyard division of the company. Stage Ranch quickly gained 600 acres of vineyard management and leased several vineyards to grow grapes of their own in addition to selling and contracting fruit to several wineries state wide.

As an Owner and the CFO of both Leoness Cellars and Stage Ranch Farm Management Mike has had the opportunity to sit on the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association board for several years, establishing very strong local banking and industry relationships and becoming very involved in community outreach programs.

Mike has become instrumental in the companies continued success internally and within the community.

the management team:

We trust that this gives you just a little more insight into our company's history, capabilities and our philosophy. We are very excited at the prospect of assisting you in your very exciting new winery and vineyard venture.

Temecula Valley Winery Management

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