Job: Chef de Cuisine

Title Chef de Cuisine
Location Temecula, Ca
Job Information

Responsible for monitoring and ensuring that company systems and standard operating procedures are met for all areas that directly report to him/her. Primary responsibilities are overseeing all aspects of food production and event execution, however, there is overlap in assisting Director of Culinary Operations in many other areas. The Chef de Cuisine has the human resource, financial and administrative responsibilities as they pertain to his/her direct reports. In addition, he or she is also responsible for working closely with Director of Culinary Operations to assure standards are being met in all other aspects of the commissary operation. Must be capable of fulfilling all areas of executive chef’s responsibilities in his/her absence. Must work closely with executive chef in promoting company’s culture, mission, and philosophy.




  • Three years senior level or executive chef experience in high-quality, volume-oriented environment.
  • AOS Culinary School graduate or related training.
  • Passionate culinarian with great palette and sense of presentation.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and work well in environment with time constraints.
  • Ability to troubleshoot effectively.
  • Detail-oriented with good organizational skills, performing work accurately and efficiently.
  • Demonstrated excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Ability to develop, implement and maintain systems for culinary staff, kitchen assistants and trucking staff.
  • Ability to effectively train and develop staff and build team morale.
  • Ability to hold others accountable for following company standards and procedures.
  • Ability to innovate and implement new ideas.
  • Demonstrated effective leadership skills including delegation skills.
  • Ability to meet budgets including labor, food and applicable direct operating costs.
  • Must have NYS food handler’s certificate.
  • Ability to work flexible schedule in order to accommodate business levels.


Human Resources:

  • Work in tandem with Director of Culinary Operations to hire, coach, counsel and conduct performance evaluations of direct reports. Assist in and monitor this process with other culinary staff that are not direct reports.
  • Develop, train and mentor direct reports. Act as a resource to them as well as other back-of-house (BOH) personnel.
  • Work with Director of Culinary Operations and production executive sous chef in developing and training their direct reports.
  • Recommend or conduct disciplinary action, including termination, of culinary team when necessary according to company standards.
  • Work with Director of Culinary Operations  and executive sous chefs to instill company culture, build morale and create an ongoing positive work environment, using established as well as newly developed initiatives.
  • Attend and participate in culinary job/career fairs when appropriate.


  • Accountable for meeting budgets for food, labor and direct operating expenses as they pertain to the culinary department.
  • Develop and maintain party portioning reports to ensure proper portioning of food takes place at future events.
  • Work with direct reports to ensure reusable leftover food is being held properly at events and that a system is developed and maintained for food returned to the premises from events.
  • Assist corporate executive chef as needed with weekly kitchen labor schedules for commissary production and events staff, meeting staffing criteria/guidelines and labor budgets by utilizing forecasting tools.
  • Review of forecasted vs. actual labor costs each week based on budgeted costs. Assist in developing labor cost controls based on these reports.
  • Work with corporate executive chef to forecast seasonal staffing levels, hiring and attainment/retention of staff.


  • Conduct hands-on teaching and training in commissary kitchen and at events, working closely with chefs and cooks, as well as other staff as applicable who work in BOH, and help with food preparation and execution.
  • Train and educate staff on new menu items and changes in procedures for current menu items; monitor and hold staff accountable for implementing the changes
  • Work with Director of Culinary Operations and  Sous Chef to develop production methodologies to increase efficiency, productivity, quality and/or consistency in commissary.
  • Work with the Sous Chef and production executive sous chef to train and monitor sanitation and food handling in commissary and at events. Develop, implement and maintain sanitation practices and protocol.
  • Review menu each week with chefs to discuss all details of events including menu, presentation, staff assignments and logistics, and work with chefs to develop plans to meet the needs of the business.
  • Work with Director of Culinary Operations to insure that desserts served are executed properly by culinary staff.
  • Monitor quality and consistency and ensure that company standards are being met.
  • Accountable for creating weekly check-off schedule and monitoring the process.
  • Work with Director of Culinary Operations on on-going and biannual menu development for our standard menus, internal menu tastings and photo shoots.
  • Work with Director of Culinary Operations on educational training programs.
  • Work Director of Culinary Operations on special menu requests, creating menus, thinking through logistics, cost and labor.


  • Edit weekly kitchen menus for portioning, menu design and other details, making changes to menus as needed.
  • Thoroughly understand kitchen administrative flow. Assist the Director of Culinary Operations in maintenance and upkeep of in-house systems.
  • Assist Director of Culinary Operations in detailed planning and administrative work with special projects.
  • Fulfill all administrative responsibilities of executive chef as needed.


  • Attend operations meetings, and communicate to sous chefs of weekly challenges, weekly nuances, and other important issues.
  • Meet weekly with the Director of Culinary Operations.
  • Work with Director of Culinary Operations in conducting weekly and monthly kitchen meetings, with meeting minutes and follow-up action plans.
  • Work with Director of Culinary Operations on biannual meetings with culinary team to review new menus, new presentation, and new production methodologies.
  • Conduct biannual meetings with the Director of Culinary Operations for continuous improvement and operations review.

General Responsibilities:

  • Travel, as necessary for the purposes of company business.
  • Perform all reasonable requests from executive team.
  • Attend and participate in all scheduled meetings and training sessions.
  • Follow proper time-keeping policies and procedures.
  • Follow sign-in and sign-out procedure for keys.
  • Know and follow all company emergency and safety procedures.


  • Always practice company culture.
  • At all times protect assets of the property.
  • Maintain professional appearance and behavior when in contact with guests and associates.
  • Follow policies and procedures in training manuals and associate handbook.

Always remember we are in a partnership with our guests, fellow associates and owners to provide quality service and profitability.

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